The Families Covenant Community "MAMRE"


The Families Covenant Community "MAMRE" (Catholic), Poland, Częstochowa


Bank account: Wspólnota Przymierza Rodzin MAMRE, PL 56 1020 1664 0000 3502 0142 5685; swift: BPKOPLPW;


Outline of Mamre The Community of Families Covenant

The name "MAMRE" - see Gen 18 and Heb 13,2.

MAMRE The Community of Families Covenant is, according to the Catholic Church, a private association of lay worshippers. It was authorized by the Archbishop Stanisław Nowak, the Metropolitan of Częstochowa on 14thFebruary 2000 and it received its approved status in the Catholic Church.

As a church organization it has also has got a civil status since 16th June 2000 (Legislation Register dated 22ndJune 2000 number 45 point 525).

MAMRE The Community of Families Covenantis subject to the Bishop of the diocese, it has its own Moderator, the priest in charge of the Community on behalf of the Bishop. It also has its own Community Council and people who are responsible for the small groups and ministries. At the moment (2015) Mamre Community consists of:  800 members (those who completed 3 year formation), 800 candidates, and over 500 children (aged 0-13 years).

The members and candidates of the Community are scattered in 20 Polish dioceses. Also abroad - in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Luxembourg there are Mamre groups founded by members of the Community (comprising of auxiliaries from local parishes).

There are many ministries and charisms with in the community, e.g evangelization, musical, liturgical, medical (doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists), pro-family, educational,prayer, artistic, charity, financial, and the group of charismatic service. The Community supports people searching for God and holiness, but also the ones who feel lost, in need, ill and spiritually enslaved -  by praying for somebody’s relief or cure and pouring out of the Holy Spirit.

Patrons of the Community:

· Holy Mary the Spouse of the Holy Spirit – as a figure of perfect openness to the actions of the Holy Spirit,

· St Andrew Bobola (1591-1657) martyr, secondary Patron of Poland (see the only encyclical letter about a saint ever: by Pius XII Invicti Athletae on the 300th anniversary of the death of Christ's unconquered athlete, Andrew Bobola)

· St Joseph - patron of priests in the Community.

Mission of evangelisation

Moreover, there are open meetings of a liturgical and worshipping nature along with spreading of the Gospel and charismatic service. These open meetings are organized four times a month in different parishes of Częstochowa and its vicinity.

There are also evangelisation retreats and missions organized in parishes, schools, convents, monasteries and other church communities throughout the year. The Community also organises Biblical schools, courses and workshops for engaged couples, parents, as well as charismatic service workshops, etc.

MAMRE The Community of Families Covenant assists priests and teachers of religious education with their pastoral efforts through meetings, retreats, lectures and conferences. Moreover, parishioners are equipped with knowledge given by the Community so they can share this with others in their own parishes.

The Community has also started publishing books and leaflets for the purpose of evangelization and formation of  people involved in it.

Development of literature on charisms is particularly worth highlighting.

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