Formation in Mamre Community

Formation in Mamre Community

The main schedule of the Community is based on the meetings, only for its members and candidates, together with the formation which takes place once a month. During the formation candidates and members listen to lectures from different theological disciplines. Candidates in order to become members (who set private vows for a year time) need to attend 3 years of such formation. 

In addition to that, the Community has meetings in its small groups which are led by its animators. Small groups consist of around 8 to 12 participants and as such are main formation units. Members of the small groups meet twice a month. Main aim of the small group is studying God’s word which should lead to strengthening relation with Jesus Christ as well as with members of the small group. During small groups meeting the main activity is studying the Bible.

The formation of the Community is based mainly on the Bible, on the teaching of the Catholic Church and on the works of the Saints - the masters of spirituality (particularly pattern of carmelite spiritual life, constituded by St. Therese of Avila and St. John of the Cross, is followed). Moreover, it is a profound Christian formation which includes theological education, liturgical, ascetic, mystical, ecclesiastical, moral and evangelising. There is a great emphasis on intellectual formation which helps candidates and members of the Community to get to know Jesus Christ and His will that is fully revealed in the Holy Scripture and the Church in its teaching.

Being a member of Mamre Community

After three year formation a candidate may follow the path in the Community as a member. One become member during annual feast of Mamre Covenant in September, by solemn private vow. The members of the Community, who want to grow in holiness, take on some obligations, for example:
- everyday prayers (at least one part of the Rosary and private conversation with God),
- everyday reading of the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church (or other church documents),
- adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (at least once a week),
- taking part at meetings of the Community and the retreats, as well as the mission of evangelisation
- forming their lives according to the Gospel and the Signposts of the Community.

Furthermore all members try to live in abstinence from addictions, (the Community possesses Mamre Book of Abstinence Pledge).

Another important part of formatino are summer and winter retreats. More about it see: Retreats


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