The Signposts of 'Mamre' The Community of Families Covenant


GOD THE FATHER – the Creator of a man, the Source of every fatherhood, is a pattern of a father and authority and the final man's destination; God the Father wants to fill a man with His spiritual blessing.

Thus in the spirit of being a child of God I wish to seek God's will and His Kingdom and in the spirit of a filial obedience and love towards the priests in the community and the fathers in the families – in the unity with them- I want to go on the pilgrimage to the home of the Father of the Glory.



JESUS CHRIST – the only Mediator between God and the people is the Word of Love of God for us, He is our Life and the only Way to the Father through the Cross and Resurrection.

Thus rejecting all form of idolatry I take Him as my only Lord and Saviour, I give Him my life that He would guide me, as a disciple I imitate Him as my Master, meeting Him and contemplating Him as the Lord of glory in the liturgical celebration I want to shine His glory and become a new man in order to do good deeds.



THE HOLY SPIRIT - who comes from the Father and the Son, is a Maker of the work of salvation, the Power reviving the Church and the Sanctifier.

Thus being sealed by the Holy Spirit in the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation as the God's temple I wish to live according to the Holy Spirit, open myself to His outpouring, accept His inspirations and power: to defeat evil and to live in a holy way offering spiritual sacrifices pleasing to God.



THE MOST HOLY VIRGIN MARY- is the Mother of the Son of God and Church , who as the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, fulfilling her motherly, apostolic and prophetic mission becomes a pattern for the Church and a woman devoted to the works of Christ.

Thus in daily Rosary prayer I entrust myself personally to Her who is the Omnipotent Intercessor, the Teacher of Families, Protector of chastity and I entrust to Her my family and all Community.



THE CHURCH – the Body of Christ revived and built as the Temple of God – is a saving environment of Christian life in which the Lord still has the pastoral, prophetic and royal mission and at the same time as the Bride of the Holy Spirit is cherished by the Spouse with His sacrificial love which becomes a pattern of love in a catholic family.

Thus I want to become more deeply rooted into this brotherly community of people of God; through prayer, serving others and deeds of love I would like to contribute to building of the Church (also domestic Church) discerning my vocation and charisms.



LITURGY- especially Eucharistic one, is a source and peak of the life of Church; glorifying of God and sanctifying of a man through the redemptive meeting with Christ in the Holy Spirit- is achieved through the liturgy.

Thus with the faith in the Resurrected Christ I want to participate often in liturgical and paraliturgical meetings of the Community and my parish – being actively engaged in different ministries relevant to my vocation and charisms.



THE WORD OF GOD – is the expression of love and living God who enlightens and calls to salvation and the effective tool of creating and reviving faith, judge the conscience and sanctify in Truth.

Thus believing in the power of His Word I would like every day to look for the light of God by regular and solemn exploration of the Holy bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church - on my own and with my Community , so that making it the word of life I would try to imitate crucified Christ.



PRAYER- is the meeting with the loving God in the sanctuary of one's heart and a dialogue of love in which a man replies with love to God's call and inspiration and in the Holy Spirit learns the salvific Mystery of Christ.

Thus by daily prayer and weekly adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament I would like to subdue to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit so that Christ would live in me.



THE PASCHAL MYSTERY OF CHRIST- manifesting itself in sacramental liturgy is a model of spiritual growth on the way of purification (the Cross), enlightenment (Resurrection), and unity (Pentecost).

Thus cooperating with the grace of God I would like – by abstinence from enslaving substances , mortification, fasting (also for the intention of the Community) and penance – exercise my virtues and learn the fruits of Redemption in Christ, in order to live according to the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.



RETREAT is a privileged form of the Community spiritual exercise connected with spiritual direction. During the retreat the experience of opening oneself to God who comes with the liberating and healing power and creates community bonds, strengthens one's faith and enables to experience God's guidance.

Thus I want to make an effort to participate in at least one Community retreat every year to grow up in the shared experience of faith of the people guided and purified by Jesus.



SMALL GROUP – as a basic community under the direction of an animator is a place of listening to the Word of God, prayer and sharing the testimony of life and building brotherly bonds through mutual support and ministry of love.

Thus I would like to participate regularly in small group meetings in order to be strengthened by the faith of my brothers and sisters and share with them the gifts I have been given by God.



MISSION OF EVANGELISATION OF THE WORLD – is the call from God, the vocation for all Church and each faithful person; fulfilled according to the biblical model supports the revival and renewal of the Church.

Thus by inspiring – in myself and others – the enthusiasm of holiness and evangelisation I would like – in the spirit of faith – bravely spread the Gospel of Christ and heavenly Kingdom, with my word and deed, and especially by serving those living in poverty and those in need , trusting deeply that according to His promise Jesus Christ will be confirming in the faithful the truth of the preached Gospel by the manifestation and expression of His power, the signs, miracles and sending of the Holy Spirit.


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